Tea Cups & Manly Cove

Let’s see what we achieved this week. Tues Sept11, Thurs Sept13, Fri Sept14 ’12

Tuesday Sept 11. Cups & Jug still life.
Tuesday Sept 11. Cups & Jug still life.
Tuesday Sept 11. Manly Cove sketches
Tuesday Sept 11. Manly Cove sketches

Tuesday Sept 11 ’12

A bright and sunny day after all.

This week we’re doing some cup/jug still life settings.

This is something one comes across any time you are sketching food. There will always be elipses.  Be it plates, cups or bowls. You also have to get them looking like they are on the same level.

Our sketchers certainly were up for the challenge and noted any time they thought they could change something next time.

That’s the fun of learning. You have to try it out and then see what else you’d do

Out and about beside the beach again.  We sat on the curved steps near Ocean World and sketched the sand, sea and St Patrick’s on the hill. Then a delightful fantasy with the Art Gallery to the beach. That’s Pam sketching on the steps.

Many laughs once again.

 How will Thursday’s class get on!

Thurs Sept 13 '12.Tea setting still life
Thurs Sept 13 ’12.Tea setting still life

Thursday Sept 13 ’12.

Something about the weather wasn’t working in our favour today. While doing our still life in the Studio all was well.

Quite a few are favouring watercolour now, and learning to use it well.  Todays sketches working well, showing good sense of light and dark.

We headed to Federation Point, a favourite vista looking across the bay to Manly and the ferry.

But not before we swung by the cafe for ……. you guessed it.

We all got started on our sketches and then the wind changed. Wow, plus rain coming up the bay.

Everyone grabbed their sketch gear and hot footed it to a cafe with an inside.

So although there were some partly done sketches we did some watercolour demos and worked on what we had so far.

Actually turned out well and everyone learned something about how to approach a vista. We didn’t have anything completed for a pic – but that’s ok.

Others learned some tricks with watercolour and adding some surprise colour touches to your work.

Oh and Happy Birthday Jenny. Hope it’s a fun rest of day.

 Hope the day is sunny for the Friday Class tomorrow.

Friday Sept 14. Cups, mugs & jugs
Friday Sept 14. Cups, mugs & jugs
Friday Sept 14. Over Manly.
Friday Sept 14. Over Manly.

Friday Sept 14 ’12

Now that’s what we call ‘good weather’. Much brighter and sunnier and less wind. Can I tick a box to re-order that when we need it?

It was the jugs and cups still life, and everyone overcame the challenges of having all elipses on the same level. That’s the observation skills coming into play. Checking, measuring and seeing – all with your eyes and telling your pen what to do.

Down the hill we went and of course made a detour on our way to do the vista we would sketch –  to the…. starts with a ‘C’…….. yes you got it. Addicts indeed.

This time we had the good weather to actually complete the sketch we were after.

It’s just so darn pleasant sitting up on a hill, with like minded sketchers and getting some lovely lines put down – which really tell the story.

At the cafe down the hill we took our work and put any more colour on we felt was needed.

Another great day and some great sketches.

Oh Margaret, you ducked off before I got a pic of your delightful little beach view sketch.

Watch this space for next week’s fun.


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