Croissants & Jacarandas

Sketching this week. Nov 15,16,17.

This week seems to have a French flavour to it.   Having had our very successful Sketch&French class on Tuesday somehow a little of that has carried on through the week……………

Thurs Nov 15. Croissants, baguettes and coffee
Thurs Nov 15. Croissants, baguettes and coffee
Thurs Nov 15. Jacarandas in November
Thurs Nov 15. Jacarandas in November

We had the white setting with croissant and gardenia on one table and the more contemporary blue setting with baguette on the other.  Our sketches of the 2 settings look very edible, and definitely catch the mood of the moment.

While the Jacarandas are still in full bloom, this was about the last week we could sketch before they drop their glorious mantle and leaf up.

Once the colour combination is established in pencil or watercolour, it’s time to indicate colour in a wash of colour right across the tree sketch.  Just lovely and everybody was happy with their efforts.

We decided on Cafe La Bas to finish the work, have a coffee and chat and enjoy the colours we’d put on our Jacaranda tree sketches.

How will Friday’s class manage these challenges?………………………………..

Fri Nov 16 French Cafe fare
Fri Nov 16. French Cafe fare
Fri Nov 16. Possum box in the Jacaranda tree
Fri Nov 16. Possum box in the Jacaranda tree


For a moment with all the rain coming down, it looked like we’d need to forget about our Jacaranda tree sketching. But no – it held off long enough to do some gorgeous work.

Most people were working in watercolours, so we had a quick lesson in holding the sketchbook, watercolours, water jar and tissues in one hand, while mixing and putting on paint while standing. Not sure if you can see it but some of these sketches have the ‘possum box’ in the tree. Such a lovely idea – but apparently they prefer people’s attics and not their own treehouse.

Then we made our way through the soggy Botanical Gardens to a cafe to spread ourselves around in.

At Foundry 53 Cafe we had plenty of big share tables to work on, order some delicious food and an excellent coffee.

So how will Saturday turn out?………………………………………………….

Sat Nov 17. French Living
Sat Nov 17. French Living
Sat Nov 17. Doorways & Jacarandas
Sat Nov 17. Doorways & Jacarandas


It turned out to be a beautiful day. That meant that people who hadn’t yet sketched jacarandas would still have a chance to do so.

We did of course begin with 2 warmup still life settings, a little different from the other days. Everybody chose to use their mini Cotman’s watercolours and managed very well with the layering I like to do.

Then over the road to the jacarandas to start sketching, while Annie chose the quaintly unusual double entrance Terrace houses beside the big jacaranda.

Today was a bright and sunny walk through the Gardens to Cafe La Bas for a  perfect coffee. Lunch was ordered and sketches completed and after some catchup time, it was off into the afternoon to do weekend things.

We’ll be doing some fun sketching in the upcoming week……….


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