Sketching Australian Botanicals

Waiting for the Ferry
Waiting for the Ferry
Sketcher under the Ficus Macrophylla
Sketcher under the Ficus Macrophylla

It was a Sketchclub Meetup at The Botanical Gardens.

Off I went quite early to grab a coffee and catch the ferry. As it turns out I had a few spare minutes to do a quick sketch of the view from the wharf.

Might as well get the eye/hand coordination going before meeting the others. It was nice really. The Ferry men just waiting around to tie up the next ferry – my ferry. Quiet and peaceful on this early Saturday.

Out with the pad and pen and decide what I could get on the page. It was fast sketching as it wasn’t long before I could hear the throb of the engine as the boat slowly came towards the wharf. Faster, faster. Most of it in now. A long last look to remember the colours.

On board I found a good seat and whipped out the tiny watercolour set, vegemite jar of water, the napkin from my coffee – to mop water – and started.

Then time to let the world go by and enjoy the ride.

We met everyone at 10am, and wandered down to the Australian Garden section to find a subject. Must admit it was a great catch-up with some lovely like- minded sketchers and a fair bit of chat took place before the pen started sketching.

Decided on the massive overhanging branch of the Morton Bay Fig, as it hovered above one of the sketchers on a park bench. Gazing out to sea at the sparkling harbour working out how to get the light and contrast.

So much to sketch from delicate little flowers to spiky lilies and stumps like brown wire and… and… too many to tell you. Come and have a look and you’ll see what I mean.



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