Sketch&French Week 5. Let’s repeat that.

Goodness. Week 5 already. Last one in our course!

One of our sketchers arrives with a huge bunch of peacock feathers. They come from the peacocks which strut their stuff on her property.  She travels over 4 hrs every week to come to S&F, and this week with feathers.  The colours have us oohing and aaaahing.

Today we would do some real travel sketching and go round the corner to George St, and sketch the pink house.   Using flat perspective it’s easier and quicker to get the character of the building if you don’t have to be concerned with vanishing points and so on.

Great work everyone and back to the Studio in time for Adeline’s arrival, and a well deserved coffee.

This week was revising  past lessons, and giving some useful hints such as :

How to remember how to say ‘help me’ in French. Think about “Mayday”  as in French we say, pouvez vous m’aider?   We pronounce m’aider as Mayday!

Also revising how to spell your name and some are quite tricky to spell. We laughed about how to pronounce the “e ” which sounds like “euh”.

A great conclusion to the course, and some will now continue French conversation with Adeline and others continue with sketching classes till end of term.

We look forward to Term 2 S&F and more enjoyment.

S&F Flat perspective sketches


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