Sketch&French, Week 2

S&F Monday May 4 ’15

Our sketching this week was a small still life of fruit with white jug. Simple and clear shapes which make it easy to see the differences. Colour would be simple too. Layers of watercolour pencil give a very colourful look and the techniques we use made for very effective finished sketches.

Coffee was served when Adeline arrived and it was time to move onto the French conversation part of the class.

Today we’d be shopping for clothes and would need to ask about sizes, prices, how to pay or just browsing.  Once you have these phrases sorted in your head, you can manage pretty much any shopping occasion with confidence.  Another enjoyable week and we’re ready for more next week.

Ce sera tout.

S&F Sketches and Vignettes

©ErinHillStudio April15

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