Sketch&French Week 2. Sketching Cakes & Shopping


For the first part of the lesson we use our very creative minds to see cup cakes as shapes. Tricky but that’s what we do. Everything in the world is shapes. We are looking at them to see what they look like and how they fit together.

When you’ve done that, you can sketch anything. We also observe colour. Looking to see how with our primary colours we can mix and layer to get a delightful sketch in a very short time.

Time for coffee as Adeline makes her entrance, and our minds rest for a moment, we then move over to our analytical side.

Shopping and all the questions and phrases you will need when in France. There you are in the change room with a fabulous little black French frock, and you know it’s the wrong size!!  What are you going to say?  Adeline will give you all the words to remember and anything else to get the right size, colour, and price.

Excellent. Reward yourself with coffee and a croissant. How will you ask for that? Adeline gets you through.

Now it’s definitely time for the paracetamol. You simply have to have some after all your successes today. So how will you ask? Adeline will save the day.

Till next week. A la semaine prochaine.

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