Sketch&French – Conversation de Cafe

We started with a delicious coffee, followed by French Waffles…….

Adeline -  Conversation de café
Adeline – Conversation de café
Gaufres françaises et croquis
Gaufres françaises et croquis

Our subject today would be around the coffee – un cafe au lait?  un cafe noir?

So while Adeline met everyone and introductions were taking place, the coffee orders were taken. We were off to a good start, and soon the sketchbooks were out and the bits and pieces on the table were being sketched.

Meantime, as people sketched, the discussion was about ordering the various coffee types so that you could do so and be understood.

The aroma of the French waffles ( Gaufres Francaise) was wafting about the room by now. The first ones made however became our subject, followed by fresh ones to consume. Here we learnt all sorts of ways to express great and enormous satisfaction.

When the new Sketch&French term starts at the end of January 2013, we will have 5 & 10 week classes, all with a different theme each time. Of course for some the casual class may suit, and  you’ll always learn enough each time  to help you converse with locals in France, and have a page of delightful sketches to remind yourself.

So everybody was very happy. Nobody felt shy about hearing themselves speaking and correcting phrases. In fact we had some jolly good laughs.

Roll on 2013


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