Sketch Your Own Greeting Cards



An exciting time of year for us.

Making our own sketch Christmas/ Birthday/ Thank you/ Goodbye Greeting Cards.

Somehow when you hear Carols coming out of the ceiling in lifts – you know it’s that time of year.

We have some very high quality blank cards, which you do any sketch you like, straight on to the tiny space the window allows.

We have a big collection of decorations to pick from, and you do as many as you can.

Suggestions for using the punched out piece as a gift tag, with a hole punched get approval.

Everybody takes their set of cards and Christy and I show which way they fold.

If you fold the 2 outside wings the wrong way, the card then opens the wrong way.

However being us, we always have ways to save the day, and we did a couple of saves.

As we say, in our classes you can’t make mistakes.


It was fascinating that on one table, the sketches were being done in the sketchbooks.

When I asked why the reply was that they wanted to practice first.

Mmmm. Commitment needed!

Oh well, if that makes people happier then we’ll let it go – this time!

We would stay in the Studio longer today, to give people a chance to complete what they’ve started.

Most did several cards, some with matching gift tags.

A couple of clever people sketched a front of Santa or snowman on the front of their card, and the backs of them on the rear of the card.

Great fun.

This is a really enjoyable class, as the way we’re sketching  is closer to illustration, however even here, you need to observe the shape of your subject and see that it fits into the window space you have.


Yes yes the pencil!

Like Vivianne said at last night’s Sunset class, the pencil is only to mark the size of your window.

It has no other use in our sketching lives.

You’ll get the evil eye if you even think of sketching with it!

Being here sketching for much longer does change the routine a little.

We are headed to Wok Bar, a great place for Asian food, and very good lunch specials.

We would of course be eating and sketching.

‘Oh’ says one sketcher, ‘I didn’t bring my book’

It’s definitely the end of year, as people are so busy and more distracted then usual.

We do understand. A lot is going on.

But when Christy and I enthuse about the subjects they could choose, several straight away immerse themselves in a little asian influenced restaurant sketch.

Fast sketches and just the way they should be.






Ooooh it’s raining.

On with the hooded jacket and off to the Studio.

Think I’ll grab a large white gardenia growing in that garden to go with the other one.

The aroma is gorgeous as I open up, from the flowers which are already here.


Early Jane comes in and says she tried to be late, but the wind blew her along.

Last week it slowed her down. Still early.

Other sketchers arrive and we talk about the choices you can make to sketch onto your cards.

We seemed to be short of cards for today, but before we have to ration them the postman delivers the  order.

Just in time. Thank goodness. Tomorrow’s people would have been most put out.

‘How come everyone else got cards to sketch on and we didn’t!’

Not a problem any more.

Judy is very kindly helping out today, and she’s a whizz with watercolour technique, so once we are up to that she shows a few tricks.

Today I’m less concerned about practice sketches being done in books.

It’s fun to see what people choose, and then deciding when they have the courage to go straight in.

Again we’re using chinagraph resister with watercolour being washed over, one colour at a time.

Wow we can get some delicious effects here.

Everyone is able to give me a couple of finished cards and some gift tags, so we can get pics done before the rain comes down.


Time to go to Wockbar and it’s not raining for the moment.

Lets go everybody.

Oh great the same table is available today and it’s just right for us.

Some quick coffee orders are taken and two of us dash along the street to get them.

The food choices are very tasty and some sketched before eating.

Tierre said she likes to sketch while its hot. So that would give her about 45 sec before its cold .

No matter, she does a very edible sketch and does get to eat her Pad Thai with chicken, and not a peep out of her.

Some variety of sketches take place here.

Some food, some other guests, some decor.

Whatever tells the story for you.





Last day of November!

Tomorrow is December. Really! How did this happen!

Well thank goodness those cards came in for today’s class.

Everybody was keen to do at least 5, and take a few home for further inspiration.

It’s really so much more meaningful to do make your own gifts.

It seems people like to do a few designs before launching off the deep end and giving it a go.

We have a few laughs about ‘how stressful’ it all is.

Seems funny to think that sketching Santa is so exhausting.

But actually it can be.!

It all seems to come together once everyone has tried a few, and put some pure colour on as well.

There is a card making factory happening on one table, and the pile just gets higher.

People are getting very brave now, moving round choosing their next object and getting cards churned out.

Off we trot, down the hill to Wockbar.

I mention that I can get coffees from the little cafe along the road, and several people fall at my feet.

Sketching is always easier with a little caffeine on board.

I’ll be back in a minute. Can you last!

Food orders are placed and a lovely variety of dishes arrive to be sketched.

Goodness so you think we come here to eat!

You could see the look I got at the very thought, but somehow food sketches emerged and food happily disappears.

So for me another term is over.

Vivianne and Christy are taking over for the next couple of weeks.

I will take this moment to say how thoroughly we have loved tutoring you this year, and to thank you for being so willing to have us guide, boss, nudge, suggest, question, and then thrill to seeing your results.

Every person has become a confident sketcher, and moved into a world they can’t believe they’ve entered.

People who had never sketched before have travelled, sketched and come back with wonderful sketch diaries of their daily travels.

We’ll be hearing from some of them next term, how they managed to achieve what they have.

More from us next week and we’ll see what adventures are yet to come.



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