Sketch your Cake- and eat it too

This was our first 2013 Sketch your Cake High Tea. IMG_7996When someone says ‘I think I’ve died and gone to heaven’, you know everything is close to perfect.

This is Gunner’s Barracks’ an old stone building, once the Officer’s Mess, and now so elegantly set up for dining. With views to Sydney harbour you can’t keep your eyes off, until your High Tea is served.

For us it’s much more about the ‘look’ to begin with as all this needs to be sketched and kept in our sketchbooks forever.

We are asked for our tea or coffee order, which needs to be chosen from a menu list of about 40 – to get started. Wow.

We then have time to observe a table laid with elegant silver and rose patterned porcelain. We sip our drinks, considering what to sketch first.

Our High Tea arrives, and we take in the beauty of each item. Silence for a moment.

Then out with the sketchbooks and pens are flying. Oh you must sketch first in order to eat your subject. Our first time sketcher cottoned on straight away and produced a delightful page of her impressions.IMG_7998IMG_8006Liz was with us today. Observing another class and bubbling over with excitement at the selection of sketching choices. She’s quite passionate about old and antique tea sets as it turns out everybody is.

Today satisfies everyone’s love of genteel afternoon teas, away from the madding crowds. Lost in our sketchbooks. Tasting as we go.

A delightful afternoon, with very helpful and attentive service from the staff.

Atsuko decides this is the place she’d like for her daughter’s wedding. But she’s only 14 we say! Yes she says, but at least I know where it’ll be!

We are back again on Tuesday April 30 and may choose another courtyard for our group. So many lovely corners we can’t decide.IMG_8009IMG_8012©ErinHill2013

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  • Hi Erin, and again thankyou for the most beautiful sketch afternoon. Your blog and photos are lovely and my special day will be treasured always. Lovley food, lovely company, lovely sketches..all was truely decadent, absolutely delightful and of cos Glorious…glorious …glorious…lol.. Look forward to seeing you another time, cheers micheline:) 

  • If I can borrow your favorite word, it was truly GLORIOUS day, Erin. Thank you thank you so much !
    I couldn’t believe such a fantastic retreat was hidden just 5 minutes drive from a busy road. I was really happy to spend a lovely time.
    Yes, I’ll invite you to my daughter’s wedding here, Erin ! Wait for a moment 🙂

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