Sketch then Taste. Cake Sketching

1 Almond, 2 Blueberry Friands
1 Almond, 2 Blueberry Friands. Acrylic and line on canvas.

I’m doing a bit more food & wine sketching these days. On this particular day I sat in the sun at a beachside cafe and ordered 2 friands. Love them. Nice size. Not too sweet. Oh and a fab coffee.

I had planned to sketch them. I was taking my caffein hit as I observed these 2 little golden friands sitting on a plate enjoying the sun. First was the blueberry one, then the almond, but hang on – 2 isn’t a good balance. Uneven numbers work better. A composition thing really. So it was obvious a little deconstruction would need to take place.

Easy. Neatly take a nice shaped bite, and leave the crumbs as added interest. Somehow having a partly eaten cake etc, does make for an enticing sketch.

This sketch has been transformed into an acrylic and line on 18” square canvas. Looks so good hanging in the Studio.

Tomorrow is our monthly ‘Sketch your Cake‘ High Tea at Bather’s Pavilion and this is a realisation some of the Sketchers have made. Taking a bite first. I love that people bond with their cakes like this. They are on an absolute mission to record that yummy moment, and they do.


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