Sketch-Rue de Turenne

Cnr Rue de Turenne

I am giving a small gift to some dear friends of my daughter, who are now back in Melbourne after living in Paris for some time.

There had been talk of one of my prints, but I really wanted to give a small original which I felt would be more meaningful, and these are people who had collected some lovely pieces of art while living overseas .

So I tried an experiment. There is a watercolour in my Paris series which I did with reference taken at the time but is in the Exhibition. So taking a rough print of it I decided to try a loose drawing from that – and see if it would work. Because the painting had already been simplified this would mean the drawing would be simple too. Not too much extra detail. Just the essential lines to capture the moment on that corner. Then I threw a bit of watercolour on to complete  it.

I’ll get a mat cut  leaving some air round the drawing and about 90cm all round. I’ll then mount it on foam core backing, shrink wrap and it’ll be ready to go. I think framing is quite personal so with the mat already done, it’s easy to choose a frame to go straight on.

Overall I like the first sketches done of a location. I think there is a spontaneity which you can’t always capture again. The bits that you think have gone wrong are what makes it live. But I think this one has it’s own personality.

“Cnr Rue de Turenne”  ©ErinHill2010

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