Sketch Club at Govt. House

Sketch Club does Govt House
Sketch Club does Govt House

It’s amazing how fast you draw when there’s a time limit. The rain stopped and I decided to leave my basket chair on the wide slate verandah of Government House, and find another spot, before the skies opened again.

As in Paris, you cannot walk on the grass around the Govt House Gardens. Mmmm. That’s hard for me. I’m used to grass you walk on, not look at.  However, I contained myself, and sat on a low wall looking back towards the sandstone building itself. There was a little grass border there, and I did my best not to crush a blade of it.

I knew I had to make some quick decisions. Started with the fountain again, and worked in whatever was around that. I didn’t want the full height of the building, but I did need to observe how the different window sets were positioned against those above or beside. Good for the brain.

Two of the girls were sketching on either side of the steps, and once again Jen has made it. She is sitting on the verandah in the chair.

I even managed to get out my tiny peanut butter jar ( my water jar ) and my tiny paints and get a tiny bit of colour on before the big ( not tiny ) rain drops started splatting again. There are a couple of splashes on the painting still.

What a good day. Sketching with friends. Seeing how differently each artist sees the same view. Roll on the next one.


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