Sketch Class Tuesday July 24. Fruit & Veg still life on a soggy day

Veggie Still life
Veggie Still life
Fruit Still life.
Fruit Still life.

It was indeed a soggy ol’ day this Tuesday July 24. Not that we could give a raspberry, or a grape or a fig for that matter. Inside the Studio is bright and even feels sunny, so we all were happy to knuckle down to the first sketches for this new class.

We were also pleased to welcome Jennifer from Sydney Sketchclub, who happened to have a day available to come and be with our class. She managed beautifully without her trusty pencil and turned out 2 delightful sketches. Love to see you here again Jen.

On one table was the Veggie choice. a nice centrepiece of Dutch carrots with a gathering of broccoli, capsicum, onion and mushrooms. Just such lovely colours. Two people went for that.

On the other table was the apple, mandarin, passionfruit and grape combo. Something here with more reds and yellows and no greens.

We did a sketch and used watercolour pencil with waterpen of both. It’s funny how if you’d started with the fruit you thought the veggies were harder – and vice versa. Funny really. They’re all just shapes.

For the first time sketchers there was a sense of relief that they could really truly do this. The results speak for themselves. And guess what – they even enjoyed themselves. Quite delicious and edible work. This is only the beginning too.


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