Setting Sun

Setting Sun
Setting Sun. Watercolour with no prior drawing.

I had to go fast to catch this at all. I happened to look up as the sun was casting a warm light on the buildings opposite, before it ducked down below the hill.

I have a few bits and pieces set up on a small table which I leave there in case inspiration hits! So without any drawing I went for the water and sloshed it into the warm colours to begin the buildings, sky and then sea. It truly was a 5 minute effort because after that it was all over.

It was just all more in shadow then, but I decided not to do more. Also decided not to add any black lines either. Not a bad way to paint actually, and you don’t have time to worry about it not working, because it’s almost done before you know it. You can worry later if you must.


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  • Oh, i like this …just the little blocks/shapes of colour…no lines…and capturing a little of the sky’s colour in the water…Next time i go walking, I think I’ll take just paint…no lines either!
    Oh, and you’re seeing your daughter in Paris in some two weeks…SO exciting!! Maybe we could meet up for a coffee, if we’re not in Correze at that time? I can come up to Paris to meet you there…

    • Thank you Ronell, That is so nice to hear. I almost drew line on it but managed to hold back. It was fun to try just the blocks of colour and see if it made sense.
      I would adore to meet in Paris if you can, I am there from 30 April till 11 May.
      Also there 4 -7 June on my way back to Aus.
      Cheers, Erin

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