Sydney.Saturday Intensive. Nov 28 ’15. Vignettes

What a fun day we all had!

Vignettes provides the opportunity to create lots of mini sketches and put things together on a page or pages so as to create a little story of your day.  I love vignettes as it is often a way of making the ordinary look extraordinary.

We started in the studio with a number of little piles of herbs, spices and chillis to choose from.  They were scattered around the table so as not to make a still life but everyone could choose what to draw and place selectively on their page.

I loved some of the inventiveness and inspiration that people felt, it was quite freeing not to feel that you had to do one sketch only.  After all if one little vignette wasn’t quite working you could move onto the next one and nobody would really notice once the page was covered with interesting different sketches.  How freeing!




So off we went on location down George Street round the corner.

I had suggested a few ideas and we had looked through some lovely books to see different ideas on composition and subject choice and everyone was very enthusiastic.

Shall I focus on gates and doors?  What about house numbers or letterboxes? Windows and plant pots?  It was enlightening for some to look at all the options – only trouble was there was so much choice!

So we wandered slowly down the street sketching as we went and commenting on how many things you suddenly notice that you never noticed before?  Who planted those gladioli on the pavement? Never realized there were all those whacky ornaments in that front garden before!

Gee the time went fast and we were all in need of food and a coffee. We went to our old faithful for lunch – yes the Ivanhoe.  It’s such a great pub as we can reserve a table and the food is always excellent – oh and the decor is lovely too. Oh and nobody hassles us to move if we want to stay and sketch – perfect.



In fact we were about to head off to sketch outside on the street when we noticed that there were some empty tables on the balcony. From here we get a great view looking over the Corso and straight over to St Matthew’s Church. It was a group decision to stay there for the remainder of the class.  We loved the windows on the church and the palm trees next to it.

Altogether we really managed to achieve a lot of great sketches and a wonderful record of our day.  I felt so proud of everybody’s results.  Well done.




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