Saturday Intensive. A Seaside Adventure.

MAY 23 ’15

Our Intensive this month was Sea & Sky, and such an enjoyable subject matter for our sketchers. How lucky, just the three of us so lots of personal tuition was the order of the day!

I often hear people asking how to do sea and sky without just filling everything in with blue paint and losing vibrancy so we spent a long time in the Studio working on technique and practicing before venturing out. The practice time was met with quite a few “oohs” and “aahs” as progress was clearly made and confidence began to build. How satisfying to see things coming together on the page!
The sun was out and it was toasty warm in the studio and we confidently set off towards Manly Wharf to paint the ocean.
Oh dear, did I really decide to leave my jacket and scarf back in the studio? That wind was icy as we soon found out and so hot Pumpkin Soup and toasted sandwiches warmed us up at Manly Cove Cafe where we had a lovely view overlooking the beach with kayaks in the foreground.
We then changed our plans a little as it was definitely too chilly to stand outside (gosh we are just not used to cold weather yet) so we relocated to the Manly Wharf Hotel where we got another lovely view overlooking the harbour but this time with a heater next to us – yayyy!!!
We focused on doing a lovely wash for the sky and reflections in the water. The results and progress speak for themselves. Well done ladies, fabulous work. What a lovely day we had.

Saturday Intensive. beach sketch Saturday Intensive. Sketching the sea.


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