Saturday Afternoon, Balmoral

Saturday Afternoon Balmoral
Saturday Afternoon Balmoral

It’s hard to believe, but I do try to draw just a tiny aspect of what I can see, but as usual before long, I have most of the beach and the rest of the world in there. Just can’t help myself.

I squeezed past the bridal party being photographed on the bridge, hoping I wouldn’t have to be photoshopped out of the best one!! There are so many great vantage points on that side, and Margaret and Linda also found good spots.

But when you are there, relaxed, no time pressure, it is like a movie taking place before your eyes. I spoke to one of the brides and that’s her reception taking place on the balcony at The Bather’s Pavilion. ( Told you I get everything in.) I did ask if she and her new husband would mind standing around for awhile and we could draw them, but she seemed to think her guests might be waiting. Few more champagnes and they wouldn’t have noticed!

I’m quite keen to do a wedding one – if I can find a bride with nothing else to do.


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