Relaix de la Butte

Relaix de la Butte
Relaix de la Butte

I may be getting closer to the way I want my sketches to be. I am trying not to turn them into paintings with too much colour, as some of my others have been.

This one was done sitting on some steps in a leafy non touristy area in Montmartre. ( Yep, there are some – it’s who you know.)

There is such an impossible choice of drawing subjects in Paris, so I have to get a grip and just wait till a spot shouts at me that THIS might be a drawing. Or more to the point, a place where I won’t get bowled over by people squeezing past. A lot of squeezing past goes on here. Little streets never intended for the masses that eternally flow through.

Turns out this cafe is something of an institution. I looked it up on Google and found a great little video on it’s website.

Ah you see it all. I just have to concentrate for a moment to draw, but what’s going on is truly a movie.Meanwhile I have Joanna and Olivier saying ‘Take a look at this” etc etc. It’s enormous fun and we enjoy the experience, but Paris is pretty edgy too. That is what makes it so utterly enthralling.


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