Re-visit the Rhone Alpes France

Re paint, Toll Houses of Pont en Royan.
Re paint, Toll Houses of Pont en Royan.

The reach of the internet is a wondrous thing.

Somebody had seen the earlier painting of these toll houses and asked to buy the original. Absolutely. We had some correspondence and a smaller size was decided. If you live in an old cottage in Dorset, wall space is limited by beams, doorways, staircases, chimneys and more.

And it doesn’t need to be mailed. The client is visiting Sydney so will pop in and pick up the finished painting. Easy.

I found it fascinating to hear that their French relatives had been keyholders in one of the Toll houses of Pont en Royan.

It took me back to the day our group of painters visited this town for the day. I wondered which one might have been home to their ancestors.

Most of us went for this view standing down by the river bed, and  looking up. Unbelievable. How do these wooden cliff houses have stay up there?. They’re several levels down, about one room wide, each different and you can see from below the birds nest of struts and beams propping up various overhanging bits. They are still home to people even today.

Well it’s done now, and I enjoyed my few hours being back in France, way up in the Rhone Alpes – in my mind.

How wonderful to meet people who are connected to this hilltop village ,and who found my painting and now will have it in their home.


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