Quick Plein Air Watercolours

Sunny Day, Ferry comes in
Sunny Day, Ferry comes in
Cloudy day, Ferry goes out
Cloudy Day, Ferry goes out

I was deciding whether to spend a spare hour drawing or painting. In the end the painting won. I love nothing more than settling in a good spot and splashing some paint around. For this very small painting (234 x 130mm ) I went down the bank outside home and decided that I wanted those yummy rocks to be in it and the ferry would soon be coming, so that would be where the eye would lead to. Actually it was extremely hot so I went as fast as my little brush would carry me. There was heaps of clear, strong colour, so I went for it. I didn’t want to have detail to stop me working across the whole page, so everything is loose.

I had taped off two panels on my watercolour block, on which I usually do one painting. So there was still a second painting to go. That day was so hot that I chose to come back for a drink and assess the first one.

Today I had promised myself to do the next painting and being a cloudy ( still humid ) day meant re-thinking the colours.  I didn’t go down the bank for this but sat in our window,so those are the trimmed trees in the foreground. I have held back on the sea, which was quite light, and the horizon was a gorgeous terre vert so that was no trouble. What I find tricky is getting that softer look without being wishy washy – which I hope I’ve avoided. If I ever think that’s going to happen I will ‘up’ the colours. As you can tell I don’t do ‘wishy washy’!

They are both pretty much what I was aiming for, so may do another two looking out that way from along the pathway a little, just to get other foregrounds and colours.

They may end up in the exhibition, if I think they deserve a space. MMmmm decisions, decisions.

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