Pink House on George

Pink House on George.
Pink House on George.

I have started the sketches for my ‘Homes & Gardens of Manly’ exhibition in September. The Manly Council have a 2 week Arts and Cultural Festival then which is very popular in the whole surrounding area.

Mainly I’ll do sketches, some watercolours and hang them unframed.

This has taken some thinking. I don’t actually sell my sketches as they are part of a record I keep of my travels. However, I have a special sketchbook just for this, and I’ll demolish the book and display the best of them.  It’s Ok. I can deal with it. I’ve worked it through, and the sun will still rise tomorrow.

There are some lovely subjects which I’ve enjoyed as I pass by on my way somewhere. George street is where I park to go to work in the Studio, and there are some gorgeous old homes – too many too draw, but I like this pink one.

I’m going out everyday, somewhere in Manly to sketch whatever catches my eye. It’s a very big suburb so I will go and explore as much as possible. More tomorrow.


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