Pictures from an Exhibition

Before the Action
Before the Action
Milton, Erin Steve - what did I say!!!
Milton, Erin Steve - what did I say!!!
Along the Gallery
Along the Gallery

Well I survived.

What a fab night it was. Everything came beautifully together. The 90 guests, the 3 perfect wines, and a selection of tasty morsels which people are still talking about, from the chef at The Bathers kitchen. Oh yes and the paintings.

I was so pleased with the hanging and they definitely look best unframed. That means I can keep the prices down. The average cost would be $300 – $400, but there are some for less.

Sales were off to a good start so we had red spots poppin’ up everywhere. The buyers had a real relationship with the work they chose. For instance, one chap hadn’t known I’d travelled to his small Greek Island, and became quite teary when he saw this one. He is thrilled with it.

Another friend loved the Paris painting with the Seine and Eiffel Tour, a spot she’d been to and knew. Relationships seem to be the key. To the place and the story the painting tells.

I must say the whole thing has given me such a boost. We painters can work in a bubble at times and to have the feedback from the guests is so good for me. It is so motivating.

Can you believe I’ve booked another exhibition in 2years!! That will keep me focussed for certain, and all the paintings I do from here-on will have somewhere to be in 2012.

It’s early days and I may feel like moving the paintings around as they sell. I want people who come upstairs from the 2 restaurants below, to see a fresh look each time.

It’s quite a different way to show work, exhibiting for 10 weeks. One gets a great passing audience, as The Bathers Pavilion is a busy restaurant.  I don’t have to be there unless people make a time to see me – which is happening. Not that I need a reason – I order a superb ‘Skim flat’ ( an Australian style coffee ) and check that everything is hanging square.

I will let you know what I learn from this, except I know already that the traditional gallery has never suited me. I am a bit too individual for that, and like a more flexible venue. This gallery space is open from 7am to midnight. People can view virtually any hour of the day and make a purchase, which they are.  If they wish they can take their painting straight away. I love it. No cranky gallery owners with their restricted hours for me.

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  • Congratulations Erin – Isn’t it great to put yourself out there? And it seems you got very good feedback. Two years sounds like a good time for another.
    I must say I like the professional feel to your online presentation – neat! Stephen

    • Hi Stephen, Yes it is good but slightly nerve wracking putting oneself out there!! Getting a good response so far and I find newspaper interviews with pic seem to generate a huge amount of interest. People are so lovely and you realise how much they like to know how you feel about your paintings.
      And it’s good for me to think about all that. Have a good weekend, Cheers, Erin

  • Erin, Congratulations on your wonderful vernissage and exhibition. You look great and your paintings have this colorful touch I love. This really looks like a great success and I hope, many many people will come to see your paintings, wish I could be there.
    Your paintings look good without frame, I have trouble with the hanging part of exhibitions often because I fear that the pictures get “hurt”…How did you protect them, if I may ask?
    This is very inspiring, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend
    greetings from bitter cold Paris (but no snow here:)

  • Hi Andrea, You are very generous with your comments. The paintings do look very nice all hung as pleasingly as I could. You are right about unframed getting damaged, so here is what I do. I have my framer to make a mat with allowing at least 70mm around, on a foam core backing. We have our own shrink wrap machine, so most were sealed completely that way. With any odd sizes, I have a large roll of clear polyprop plastic and we hand wrap those, so they are completely covered. My framer found that 3M make packets of self adhesive flat hangers which we pressed onto the back, and the hooks at the gallery could be hooked onto those on the back. So far everything has stayed on the wall apart from some big ones which just needed a lot more tape on the back to so the plastic wrap didn’t come undone. I’d love you to come and see all this and how great it is to do unframed. I highly recommend it. I see the temperature for Paris is minus 3. Oh you must suffer. My daughter is wishing the Spring would hurry too. It’s Sunday here now. St Valentines Day. Cheers, Erin

  • Erin, many thanks about your explanations how you wrapped your paintings! Wow, it looks like a lot of work and you seem very well equipped. I let myself inspire by this for future exhibitions, thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I don’t have a shrink wrap machine but as you said, I guess one could do it by hand.
    Today it was sunny and I walked outside in the cold this morning.
    Happy Valentines Day:)
    PS (I thought it was Summer in your part of the world or perhaps your daughter lives in Europe…)

  • Good Morning Andrea,
    You can hand wrap. I always did before getting the shrink wrapper.It is easy to do once you have the mats and backs cut to size, and I try to keep my work to one size where possible. I tend to order 20+ at a time and they are ready and waiting to pop new works into and not get damaged when stored away. Yes, our daughter lives in Paris, so like you is so waiting for warmer days. We had a lovely Valentines Day thank you.

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