Picnic at Balmoral


Picnic at Balmoral
Picnic at Balmoral


Sketch Club was at Balmoral Beach on Saturday. I forgot how busy it gets for Weddings. At one stage there were four brides that I could see, each with their guys in formal gear and their attendants in pink, or lavender and others in black.I saw at least seven all up. I plan to do a sketch with a Wedding as part of it very soon.

Tonight there would be a performance of ‘Comedy of Errors‘ by the Shakespeare by the Sea performers. This added more bodies to the ones just there for a swim. I’d sat on a bench to start my first sketch as people began to claim their spot. This worked well as they stayed put. I could take my time. Later, nearer to showtime, it was a total sea of people with their friends and picnics packed into my former view.

It was a lovely group of Sketchers who’d crossed the bridge to join our merry throng. We had Margaret, Maxim, Celia, Linda, Jennifer and little Me. Several had not sketched in a long time and soon found that there is no competition here. We all draw in our very own way and it’s a thrill to see how different our interpretations are. Everyone feels braver about drawing in public as part of a group. In fact Jennifer was saying she now draws quite comfortably on public transport in her little sketchbook.

Will see if I can get colour onto the other Balmoral sketches for you.


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