Erin Hill Sketching is a studio-turned-international school that offers foundation and progressively advanced classes in Australia, New Zealand, and the South of France, as well as workshops in Europe, Asia and North America.
The school uses simple approaches, like imposing time limits, to help new students quickly get to the essence of a sketch — rather than overdoing and overthinking it.
The system is about building confidence and enjoyment. “The simpler the better,”  About page

“There’s no right or wrong. It’s about you and the image you capture.”

The schools and EHS learning system have become very successful, but the paramount focus remains on pupils, and the enjoyment they share with tutors in a positive learning experience.

We have 2 pathways for you to choose. If a local EHS Studio exists there may be an opportunity to become a contract or casual tutor.
If we do not yet have an EHS Studio in your area, then you have a great opportunity to take a licence for that region, and tutor your own classes, courses and workshop programs. Licensed studios are fully supported and you follow the structured teaching plans.
Either way, you need to take the Tutor Training course nearest to you.

*We look for people with a creative passion who are keen to become ErinHill Sketch Tutors, sharing their enthusiasm using our successful teaching program with students around the globe.
*People who are already involved in art at some level, possibly have teaching backgrounds, or are students of an EHS studio.
* Are socially comfortable. Have understanding of how to manage small groups. Have a sense of humour and enjoyment, keep students in a light hearted and positive learning environment. (We don’t allow any negative comments! : )
*Can plan and organise their time.
*Are reasonably computer literate. Can take good quality sharp photos on their smart phone for using on our website (or their own site if they have an EHS licence)
*Have empathy with students and their needs, give equal time to each student while keeping that sense of fun and authority.
*Most of all, people who are motivated by passion to share their travel sketching knowledge and enjoying see their students blossom.
*Possibly those who have completed their careers and now want something new and interesting to become involved in, on a part – or full time basis.

In Sydney and Auckland tutors are graduates of EHS Tutor Training courses and are casual, or fixed term part time tutors attached to a studio. You can enquire about openings.

Further afield, you need to take a fully supported EHS Licence to tutor in an EHS Studio of your own, somewhere in the world?
Once we have met and have established that you’d be suitable to become a trained EHS tutor, whether as a tutor, or further afield with an EHS licence.

COSTS: On application.

  • You will attend a  2 week summer Tutor Training Workshop in Sydney, Australia or Languedoc, South of France.
  • In New Zealand you will shadow a New Sketchers Class with the principal of EHS NZ. The days you train will be worked out by agreement and you’ll be taking notes and information as you go. You will receive a detailed training manual.
  • The following term is spent shadowing classes to further understand the techniques and class management.
  • You have a choice of training to be a tutor in an EHS Studio in Sydney or Auckland on a contract basis, or taking a full licence to open your own EHS School elsewhere in the world (your own, fully supported small teaching business with prepared EHS class packages, online and seminar support, marketing and admin systems.
  • Prices and opportunities on application


We have 2 part training Workshops. They are designed to qualify you to teach the crucial Intro to Travel Sketching courses, then the Travel Sketchers courses, using our own teaching system.

ErinHill instruction has developed as a unique and highly successful system for teaching Travel Sketching – quickly rendered, vivid images and memories – with a minimum of fuss, and art materials. Based on her years of experience in both commercial and representational art Erin has created planned step-by-step classes covering foundation and progressive skills in a relaxed, positive and enjoyable manner.  Classes are not are always studio based. They move between sketch locations, cafes and vistas, as you would when travelling. Tuition is usually provided over a  term of weekly classes as well as individual workshops, themed evening events, and more.


We take another 2 days after the tutor training Workshop to discuss the class formats, teaching plans, marketing and management requirements of your own EHS Studio.

If you are interested in becoming an EHS Travel Sketching Tutor with your own studio licence  you will need to complete both Workshops to become qualified. Studio licences are ideal for people moving out of a full time career, want something less demanding, which offers a modest remuneration in a socially satisfying environment.

Tutor Training Workshops in SYDNEY. January 2019

January 15 (Monday) – January 27 (Saturday)

Part One: Monday January 14 – Friday January 18. 5 days. Intro to Travel Sketching course

Part Two: Monday January 21 – Thursday January 24. 4 days. Travel Sketching course

Part Three: Monday January 28. Your EHS Licence. 1 day.


Tutor Training Workshop. Languedoc France.  June 2018

Workshop Tutoring Costs  – price on application.

Spend 2 weeks with Erin in Languedoc South of France and we will work each day covering the system on location and in ‘real life’ situations. Choose your dates only during June. You will become qualified to tutor both Intro and Travel Sketching courses.

When you return to your home town/city, you will market your EHS Workshops or courses with a plan to create an ongoing business, with support from Erin and the other tutors.

Accommodation recommended at Maison du Quarante, or La Tour du Chateau

PART ONE: To teach Intro to Travel Sketching.  We take you through the foundation skills and techniques and first steps in sketching of a 10 week term. You will cover each of the 10 weeks and sketch as though you are a student. At the same time, taking your own notes and details to understand how the lessons are delivered. We also cover the psychology needed in managing groups and their confidence. There will be students coming in for you to experience ‘real’ classes.

– includes accreditation, course notes, class structures and updates.

PART TWO:  To teach Travel Sketching courses. The Workshop is an extension of Intro Sketching to take your students beyond those first steps into the next phase of their sketching and to keep them challenged. How to run Sketch Workshops, Weekly classes and preparing to take students on our Travel Sketch Holidays. There will be students coming in for you to experience ‘real’ classes.

includes accreditation, course notes, class structures and updates.

PART THREE: Managing your EHS Licensed Studio. On the completion of the New & General Workshops we have a two day Workshop to the discuss what you’ll need to know about managing and marketing your EHS Studio.

– Includes exclusive rights to an area we help you evaluate and choose.  Help with marketing  your EHS School to build sketching classes as your own growing  business. In exchange for a modest percentage of gross fees you receive guidance on marketing, managing support tutors, managing classes and  building a small independent business – giving pleasure to others – and yourself! You will be part of our online marketing machine which has developed considerable global reach, however you’ll need your own EHS website which you keep updated constantly and connecting with social media  to market your classes.

You will receive class structures guides for every term and demo sheets for your classes. Online support and dial-in chats with other owners and able to contact us at any time for advice – and we appreciate your feedback. As a new entity in the world of art instruction we are still developing our sketch teaching mission. You are more than welcome to join us on the journey.

The EHS system teaches students to observe and quickly put down their impressions in the time they have. These are not traditional art classes as you know them, but rather a way of teaching students to see things in a new way. Nor are they painting or drawing classes. It’s about seeing. Getting your sketch down. Without any expectations of doing things ‘correctly’ or ‘perfectly’ students learn core drawing skills without any of the fear often associated with art classes. Therefore the learning experience is immensely enjoyable for people who didn’t believe they could be creative. The community that is created between students often make lasting friendships.

We have a custom designed minimal Sketch Kit which is portable and fits into a shoulder bag or similar and only these materials are used the early stages.

We are creating our own EHS community giving students a wonderful opportunity to join other schools when travelling, and meeting like minded students to sketch with.

We are currently looking for people to become qualified EHS tutors in Sydney and Eastern Suburbs to take casual positions with our studios.  People interested in sketch tutoring on a contract basis will find it an interesting part time arrangement.

We are always keen in talking to people who’d be interested in taking a licence to run their own EHS Sketch School. Of interest at the moment is Canberra and Brisbane in Australia. London, UK. Boston, New York and San Francisco, USA.

If interested in becoming a qualified EHS sketch tutor, and would like to talk over options, costs and timing and where you’ll train, please email Erin Hill.