Peepster Box Chocolat – but some missing

Peepster Box - chocolat
Peepster Box - chocolat

A parcel arrived. From Paris. Mmmmmm. What could it be.

Inside was a wonderfully interesting box with 4 yummy coloured chocolate blocks peeping through the window.  Peepster Box Chocolat from London. Not your usual neat shapes and plain chocolatey brown. No no. These were freeform with colours pale and bright, and decorated with pieces of choc and nuts like 4 little abstract paintings.

It was coming up to after dinner cafe time, and M was very keen to go in for the attack. Patience dear chap. A drawing is in order here. Well lets say, I photographed them in and out of the box so he could stop hirumphing and get started.

The Mississippi Mud Pie was the first to be tried and thank goodness I had a pic of it. This morning I was able to lay out the untouched, plus the remnants of the 4th and get my sketch.

I admit we are going to make them last, so will get stuck into the others tonight. With coffee. A small piece only – not.

I like parcels in the letterbox.


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