Peaks & Turrets, James Street

Peaks & Turrets James St
Peaks & Turrets James St

It was a spectacular day today. Cold, but blue blue skies. And low sun.

Forgot about that bit. Of course with the sun straight in your face, one has to find drawing subjects which are not too much in shadow, and that you can view from somewhere under a tree.

This home on James Street is in the Federation style – just after turn of the century. This one is a particularly fine example,  using every kind of detail and roof line within the style. Quite spectacular, as it’s on a steep hill, commanding a good view towards Manly. Tricky to draw though and I tend to go straight back to the Studio and get the colour on before I forget.

I have also almost completed a watercolour, of the beach at Fairlight which is on my morning walk. Thought I’d better be sure I could still remember how to to do it. Looks like I have!





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