Paris Perfect – My Entry


Eiffel, Notre Dame and the Seine
Eiffel, Notre Dame and the Seine


I was so excited. I am one of the top 5 in the ParisPerfect blog calls for best ‘The Seine’ pictures/photos.

Now let me explain. My reference photos wouldn’t win anything, but I’d entered my little sketch, done earlier this year, and they liked it. I’m sure when we see the winners in their next blog, I may hide behind the door.

I’d found Paris Perfect when searching for a place to stay recently. I was very impressed with their very personal and informative blog, not only with their fab apartments, but also the info on decor, restoration, where to eat locally etc in fact well worth a good read if you are interested in knowing what the locals know about their own city. I do look at good blogs of all subjects anyway. You do learn a lot about good communication.

This one is now in my web catalogue under  ‘General’ / Sketches and Drawings. Gradually getting a few others there too, as people quite often enjoy the travel sketches I do and want to see others.

We have a long weekend and on Sunday we get Daylight Saving. I find myself waking early already so my timing is about right.


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