Paintings in Exhibition

Seagull's View
Seagull's View

I am really pleased with the 2 paintings in this ‘Sydney’ series. Well, there are many others, but these are a pair. The cards are great sellers.

I will start getting bold and say  ‘Yes it is for sale’  In fact I will even talk money.  Au $550 each. There. I did it. That is about the mid price I’ll be selling at.

This was painted recently from reference taken when Nicky and Adrian stayed at  Shang-ri-la hotel, the night before Nicky left for San Francisco. It’s a fabulous view for someone like me who paints mainly vistas. Wasn’t sure how it would turn out, as there is so much happening in scenes like this, and simplifying is important. I like giving the impression, but not all the windows or nuts and bolts.

Anyway, most of the paintings are ready to show. The invites are in the post as we speak. If yours hasn’t turned up soon, get in touch and we’ll sort that out.

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