About erin hill sketching sydney

We are a sketching school with locations around the world, born out of humble beginnings in Manly, Sydney Australia.

Over 8 years ago Erin developed a simple system of teaching others to 'Travel Sketch' based on a lifetime as a both a professional Artist and a Creative Director in the NZ Advertising world (back when people still used markers not computers - it was the 70's afterall!). 

Students on Saturdays.jpg

One of the best things about learning to Travel Sketch is the pleasure you get from putting lines on paper, the fun people you learn with, and the amount of laughing you’ll do.

We're not a regular Art School as you know it. We won’t be teaching you to paint a perfect painting, our passion and focus is on teaching travel sketching (or urban sketching) - sketching what you see on location, as you do when traveling, in the time you have.  Your impression.

We teach you the foundation skills of how to see, to sketch an impression, and to use watercolours and other mediums to an advanced level.

The focus is on fun and enjoying your personal creative expression.

what makes us different?


  • People who’ve always wanted to sketch but never felt they could.
  • People who’ve painted and sketched but want to loosen up and understand simple colour.
  • People who have decided it’s time to do something new for themselves.
  • Young professionals who spend their work life on computers and traveling.
  • Academics who crave a chance to be creative.
  • Mothers who want some ‘me time’ while kids are in school.
  • In fact EHS is for everybody!