OpenAir Cinema – more than entertainment

The tickets were on the fridge. Wow, forgot –  we’re going to the OpenAir Movies tonight.

OpenAir Cinema on the harbour
OpenAir Cinema on the harbour

The three of hopped on the 6.20pm ferry to Sydney on a magnificent evening. At the wharf there were several food outlets we could pick up something to dine on once we were in our seats and before the feature started.

It’s a gorgeous walk, say 20mins plus from the Opera House round through the Botanical Gardens, on the edge of the harbour to where the St George OpenAir Cinema is located.

This is way more than your average picnic on a rug beneath the sleeping bats above. More of a red carpet affair. All brought in for the few weeks of the Sydney Festival and magically gone when the last lights are out.

We found seats we liked and settled in, enjoying our munching as we watched the passing parade of people upping and downing, getting wine, getting coffee spotting a friend and so on.

Pink and cream in the sky above the Sydney Opera House and the Bridge meant I’d better hurry if I was to get my sketch done and still see what I was doing.

What are we seeing I heard a few people ask. Now there’s a question –  what are we seeing? Joanna seemed to think it might be something French. She had looked at a couple of options when booking last month. Called ‘The Sessions’ and had a couple of good actors in it – we thought. Didn’t matter really.

Screen starts to rise all red and glowing like the second coming! The music is all surrounding. The skies are darkening, the city lights are glittering. I have a lump in my throat.

The movie begins and we remember what it’s about. Most intriguing. I am ( and most of Sydney, plus all the wildlife ) about to learn a great deal about sex and the disabled. In the most public way.

Actually a wonderful real story from the 60’s about a very intelligent fellow who had a very enquiring mind. It was quite a story with sensitive direction, great script and actors. We were spellbound. Every person there was captivated, amused, fascinated or intrigued by what was going on and learned a whole lot about something we’d never given time of day to. But vital to a lot of sidelined people.

Well worth all the getting to and home again in our gorgeous glittering city. And I know some new stuff too.

The Sessions. Worth a look.


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