One Very Sketchable Dessert by 3 Sketchers

Desert at Bather's - Alissa
Dessert at Bathers - Alissa
Desert with Tea & chat - Liz
Dessert with Tea & chat - Liz

I’m very thrilled to show you what Alissa and Liz did in that silent 5 minutes.

When you see the 3 very different approaches, you’ll know what is so exciting about sketching, and each one tells a story.

Each of us has a style of sketchpad we favour, and the pens we choose are very much another area of deep conversation. Then of course each of us records in our own individual style – which is soooo interesting when you go through all the sketches and see a whole book of them.

I’m thinking of taking my classes there soon, and doing the same thing with morning tea. You get a tasty reward when you complete your sketches. Yum.


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  • I love all three these sketches…so different yet wonderful each in thier own way. you’re right, isn’t the diversity in art so great? I wish I had some dessert in front of me, not to sketch though…

    • Hi Ronelle,
      Thank you for your lovely comments. One of those was Liz who does postcards like you do. Hoping to catch up with you in Paris week of Sept 10 – 15. I’m taking Travel Sketch students around that week. Would so love to catch up. Maybe do some cake sketches with us!!! Hugs Erin

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