October SketchyourCake & Eat it too

Oct 30 '12. Irresistible cake sketches
Oct 30 ’12. Irresistible cake sketches
Oct 30 '12. Busy cake sketchers
Oct 30 ’12. Busy cake sketchers

At last the day arrived for our October cake sketching High Tea. We had several new guests today, including Anne, who travelled from Melbourne especially, and her Mum Ida, from Albury.

Two other lovely girls who’d been waiting awhile to attend also tried their hand at something new.

Before long and after listening to how to see what was in front of them, each person began to sketch their 3 tiered cake stand. Once the first few lines are down it seems easier and people become braver. Every sketch of the 5 -6 which everybody did, were such a personal sketch of how they saw and felt in that moment. What I always find so fascinating is how each sketch is so different from the next persons.

Once again we have some wonderful memories of a fun afternoon and a new skill to explore in the future.

Next ‘SketchyourCake and eat it too’ at Boronia Tea Rooms, Military Rd, Mosman on Friday November 30 ’12. Book now.


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