No Surprises Restaurant Ordering. Sketch&French Week 3

Sketch&French Monday FEBRUARY 16 ’15

We are pushing ourselves a little more now that we’re in Week 3.  The setup on the table is this week’s sketching theme is Sailing & the Sea.   A good chance to observe more unusual shapes and get them fitting.

We have model sailing ships, lamps, spy  glass, maps and knotted rope.  Being under our usual time pressure means getting down your sketch quickly  and adding colour, using any 3.   We’re trying the waterbrush today.  Seeing what it does. We try it sparingly. Otherwise a psychodelic work of art!!!

Adeline had the coffee on while we tidied up. Somehow this morning she’d managed to bake a fresh French baguette for everyone to try. Her subject today. The restaurant. Very appropriate.  Everybody likes to try a little French bistro wherever you are travelling in France.

So knowing how to order your food and wine is so very important. Also very important is understanding what the waiter is saying to YOU.  it’s not just getting your bit right, but responding to what you hear as well.   Adeline has all the phrases you’ll need so you’ll not end up with fish instead of veal or water instead of wine.  We don’t want surprises!

So having those phrases tucked into your memory bank will be all you need to know. If the French can understand you they are very happy.

S&F Sailing Sketches

©ErinHillStudio S&F’15

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