New Year’s Eve Excitement


NYE Excitement
NYE Excitement


Any minute now, the barge should arrive with tonight’s fireworks on board.

The boats have been gathering and jostling for position since last night. The weather is perfect and everyone sleeping on board would have been gently rocked to sleep, ready for the anticipation of the first of the world’s NYE fireworks displays. We happen to be ahead of the rest of the Globe you know. Apart from New Zealand.

This is one of the barges which co-ordinate with those placed around the many inlets of Sydney’s enormous number of waterways. We just happen to have a perfect view of this one.

To see the Harbour Bridge Fireworks is something of a marathon. You will be elbowing your way past over a million happy people also at the watersedge, with picnic baskets, cool drinks and plenty of patience. Joanna and Olivier have decided to brave it. This is one of the things you have to see for yourself before you die! For Joanna it’s exciting to take a boy from Paris who has never experienced Sydney on a night like this.

We will enjoy dinner with our friends and with a taste of champagne, toast the world – at the 9pm display. For the big one at midnight we will be safely snoring away in our beds. Been there done that!

Have a great New Year everyone. Yours is coming.

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