New version of Original French Sketch

From the original sketch
From the original sketch. Line & Waterclour.

I have a large sketchbook where I try out new ideas.

Yesterday I wanted to re sketch some I did in Trausse, South of France on my last visit.  All had been done at high speed and they worked.

The original location sketches stay in my book forever, but I will occasionally re sketch using them as reference and this one above is a new one.

It’s interesting to compare the two. This one is different from the first one. I like both, but it does show that there will always be changes to an original work. And now there is one more and different again. Done in line and watercolour pencil.

This one is for someone who was asking if I ever do this. Well, I’m pleased to say I can. And there may be more.

Summer Kitchen Garden in Watercolour pencil
Summer Kitchen Garden in Watercolour pencil


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