New Sketchers Intensive. April 30 '16

We had a wonderful group today with some very excited folk who had travelled from as far as Mudgee, Brisbane and Seaforth(!) to come to the Beginners Intensive!  Gee we are popular!
It was going to be a busy day and the rain wasn’t going to put us off that’s for sure.  So after collecting new paints, pencils, sketchpads and paraphenalia we headed over to Manly Bowling Club where we managed to sit at a large light table overlooking the Bowling Green ready for our first attempt at sketching – yes you’ve guessed it, Hibiscus!
We look at everything as a shape so I demonstrated how to see the flowers and leaves and glass as simple shapes and apply simple colour.  Woohoo, magic, a vase of flowers appears before your very eyes, and it actually looks rather good.  Surprised?  Lots of happy faces when everyone realised that this was quite achievable.
We popped a Reserved sign on our table and then headed towards the Scented Garden in Ivanhoe Park ready for our first experience outdoors for “Gates and Gardens”.  I selected a tree and demonstrated how to draw loose lines without over worrying and simply apply the colour.  Everyone did marvellously.  We had hoped to sketch some hibiscus there also but there was not enough time as raindrops started to fall.
Gee the lunch on a Saturday at the Bowling Club is exceptional value at $12 for a steak or fish plus a glass of wine.  Well we didn’t complain!
So now we headed back to the Studio to learn watercolour and paint a group of fruit on the table.  Whites round the edges and a sweep of dark down the middle.  Careful with the consistency of the watercolour – you have to practice to get it right.  Considering that watercolour is undoubtedly the hardest medium to master everyone did extremely well.  Have a look at the results – I was very proud of everyone.  So after a cup of tea and coffee (much needed by this stage as everyone had hardly had a moment to breathe) we went round the corner to look at how to sketch gates.
Oh, now we are looking at straight lines – how do I do this? Oh! some parts of the gates curve, but it is exactly the same for everything we sketch, just break it down into shapes.  I explained that the feature on top of the gatepost just simply looked like various shapes jigsawed together – that is half a circle, put a straight line on top, on top another half circle upside down and voila! it appears before you.  Just break everything down into simple forms.
OMG is that the time? Nearly 4.45? We should have finished ages ago but we were so keen we kept going.  What a lovely day, I reckon everyone would be very pleased with their results and would certainly sleep well.  Unless you can’t stop dreaming about sketching that is!
Lastly but not leastly – we are about to do our Intensives on Sundays from next month.  Saturdays have become too busy now so this will give you the best full day possible. Cheers till Sunday May 29.

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  • Dear Erin, I came to your sketch classes a couple of years ago and loved every minute. Unfortunately, I’m ultra busy at the moment as I’d love to rejoin. Thanks for keeping me on your list. I enjoy watching what you and your sketchers are up to. The recent beginners did well! And it looks like you all had a great time in Greece. Keep enjoying. You are an inspiration. Best wishes. Loretta
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