New Painting. Cake & Coffee

Sketch your Cake at Bather's Pavilion
Sketch your Cake at Bather’s Pavilion

I’ve had a large canvas hanging on the wall in the Studio, gessoed and ready for painting – for ages. Today the stars were aligned and I mixed up new paint in the acrylic pallette and started a painting. It’s large. 36 X 24 inches. And it’s for sale! $395.

I’d decided decorative cakes were what I felt like, as I have so many sketches done at Sketch your Cake High Teas and other occasions, in so many of my sketch books.

This one seemed a good composition and I’ve added the wording which may be a bit small here, but are the descriptions of each cake. Bather’s Pavilion is where this was sketched.

Always of course I have a flat white coffee at Sketch your Cake, not the choice of 40 teas.


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