New Balmoral Original

Original Watercolour
On the beach at Balmoral, Sydney

I have been doing more new work, for my exhibition starting February,

This will be a collection of originals from my travels as well as Beach vistas around Sydney.

Balmoral is important to me because it’s where I began painting when I left Advertising and went to Art School. The exhibition will be at Bathers Pavilion right on Balmoral Beach, so of course the beach outside the window is a best seller.

This angle tends to sum up the beach. It has ‘the island’, the arched bridge, that wall, and part of a huge Morton Bay fig trees, which provide picnic shade all along the Esplanade.

You are the first to see this painting. I will put it in the ‘Balmoral’ grouping in the show. By February I hope I’ve painted enough to have a good selection here. Maybe I’ll paint this view again. Maybe I’ll be like Cezanne painting St Mt Victoire. Was it 128 times he did the same view? But they were all gorgeous.

Now to have this scanned, so it can be put on the website, I have to talk really nicely to Cherylee. Making her a coffee on our de Longhi usually does it. Watch this space. I’ll let you know when it can be seen and ordered.

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