My Classic Balmoral Beach

Commission complete
Commission complete

I am really love having my Studio. Oops, will try that again. I love having my Studio. Just shows where my head is right now!!!

This Balmoral Beach painting was wanted by late August, and it’s now done. The colours appear a bit sharper here than they really are.  It’s based on a larger one and when looking at a copy of the other, this one definitely has it’s own personality.  It doesn’t have it’s title yet – I’m letting the client choose one, then I sign. It’s watercolour on 300gsm Arches Aquarelle. Size is 310 x 225 mm. I then put an off-white matt around and shrinkwrap. I put a self adhesive hanger on the back and it’s ready to go.

This painting is the first wholly completed work done in the Studio. Considering not everything is in place I felt quite happy. I made up my mind to start painting soon after I moved in, or run the chance of putting everything on hold till the place was perfect. Not the way I operate at all. I have this belief that a painter should be able to paint anywhere, anytime with whatever materials you have at hand.

Yesterday the bench top went in next to the tub. Underneath are 6 shelves. Perfect to store all the stuff we painters collect and don’t want cluttering the work space. I might put my Art Books there this morning till I make another trip to Ikea for the birch shelving I spotted yesterday. Gulp, Milton is excellent in these massive shopping places, but I can’t wait to get out. I got 2 wooden work trolleys which have to be put together!! A Saturday project methinks.


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