Mosman Federation Sketch

Federation Style -  Mosman
Federation Style – Mosman

Such a great day. Such great company. Liz was in Mosman today so we decided to have a bite, sketch and catchup.

Been ages, so much conversation and ideas were had over our lunch. Then out with the sketch book and pens. Not that conversation stopped of course. Liz had a fair bit done and added some tea and food items to her architecture which made it a delightful capturing of our moments together.

I look at this view every Wednesday when with the Yoga girls but today was the right day to do some thing about it. A sunny Saturday with a Sketch buddy seemed perfect.

Actually hope this Federation Style architecture never gets replaced with glass towers or anything taller. Have a feeling Mosman would never let that happen. They love their heritage too much.

Talking of heritage – I think we have some good news on ‘Man on the Tyres’!  Will post soon.


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