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Darling Harbour from Cockle Bay
Darling Harbour from Cockle Bay
Brolga Dance, Cockle Bay
Brolga Dance, Cockle Bay

The second sketch was actually my first – if you get my drift. However it made more sense to show the big vista and you can then see where the Brolga Fountain is.  Cos I just know you wanted to know!!!

By the way, that is not a Jet Fighter flying past. Just a little ol’ Qantas jet, but my pen got a bit excited and I forgot my seagulls.

It’s been fantastic seeing the results from the other Sketchers on the Meetup website. Everyone is so generous with their comments and very constructive, and there are heaps of drawings to look at each day.

Last week at the Centennial Park Sketch Day we met Pat Coyle of the Dublin Sketchers. It was a sunny and humid day ( started with pouring rain! ) He was visiting Sydney to see family and messaged our website to say they were meeting inside somewhere to sketch because the weather was so shocking. What a difference a week makes!

Then I was looking at sketches Jana and the Urban Sketchers were doing, in The Bay area of San Francisco. They were drawing food they had ordered for dinner, which is funny because our hamburgers from Saturday night have been immortalised on our Meetup website too. I like some of the restaurants and Markets they meet to sketch at.

I feel so lucky to belong to a group of artists who have as much passion for their art as I do. Tis good.


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