Monday Morning Surf


Dee Why Surf
Dee Why Surf


It was a gorgeous day. Every few months I meet for coffee with the other members of the ‘Kneesup’ group. We met 5 years ago at a Rehab Hospital ( you spend a week there) after we’d all had knee replacements.

Jill, John , Mary and Erin. There were a couple of others but now it’s just the hard core group and we love it. None of us would have crossed paths in our other lives but we so enjoy catching up like old friends do. No subject is taboo and we solve the problems of the world in one hour flat.

Dee Why Beach is over the road from the outdoor cafe where we meet. It’s one of about 14 beaches hugging the coast line all the way from Palm Beach to Manly. Our goodbyes were said, so I took my sketch book and found a spot. It’s a lovely long beach with great surf and I wondered how so many could be surfing when most people were at work. Oh well, maybe people wondered what I was doing too. Who knows. I enjoyed my little moment observing a snippet of life.

Next Sketchclub meetup is Balmoral Beach. That’s like returning home. It’s where I started painting again after leaving the crazy Ad Industry. Can’t wait.



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