Meet Rosie, my new life sketching model

2 Five minute sketches
2 Five minute pen sketches with a quick touch of watercolour pencil
Rosie, 5 min sketch
Rosie, 5 min sketch. Line and watercolour pencil.

Wow this was fun. Been ages since I’ve sketched from life. Maybe even art school. Just adore the human form.

Rosie rocked on into the Studio one day and we got into conversation about Life classes, that she was a life model, and she’d love to model for a class if I wished to have one.

So that got me thinking. I could easily have Life Sketching in the Studio. I would have everyone seated on chairs. No desks. No easels. And use a black pen on an A4 sized book. Other mediums welcome but for beginners I like them to have no safety net. No pencils or erasers in other words. Every line you make becomes a part of the sketch. All your changes and corrections add to the end result.

Wednesday evening I joined others in a local cafe where Rosie was modelling upstairs that night. Most people were doing butchers paper, charcoal and working from an easel. Not me though, I began as I intend to take my Life Sketch classes.

Rosie is a wonderfully rounded woman with lovely skin colour and glorious hair. She tells you how long the sketch will be and sets the timer to suit. Then takes up some lovely poses with lots of angles and curves from whichever spot you are in.  Clearly she’s very comfortable with modelling, and we all silently sketch while ‘house’ music plays and several have a beer or glass of wine to help the sketch go well.

All I have to do now is promote the new classes and we’ll be away.

Thinking an afternoon and evening class with tutoring would suit most folk.

Would you like to join us?  She’s a joy to work with and I assure you my job will be easy.


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  • Fabulous ! Life drawing is such fun – very different from all the other types of drawing we do daily. I really like the colour !!! I only use charcoal . Amazing results for 5 mins!

    I am sure your classes will be a great success

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