Manly Corso – Ist stage

Manly Corso - Ist day
Manly Corso - Ist day

Today is one of those Gorgeous summer days. Clear blue sky. Calm blue water. People walking dogs, summer shorts and thongs. Cockatoos on the power lines.

Milton has been gazing out from our deck, while sipping his fresh made coffee. ‘Does everybody have straight hair these days? No one walking past seems to have curly hair!’ Heck no.

I bravely chose to start ‘Manly Corso’ on this canvas. I’m getting used to painting in acrylic it seems!. Definitely time for canvas instead of paper.

I walk down the Corso every other day, between the beaches at either end, so have been thinking about the best composition.

Part of the appeal is the Federation style buildings. This means the height is 2 – 3 storeys.  No high rises can be built on this iconic stretch, but some of the interiors are distinctly contemporary. The palm trees give the tropical beach feel and  holiday mood. Manly used to be full of Guest houses which country folk came to for their annual summer hols. Now they’ve been replaced with Backpacker hostels.

Year round it is a surfing magnet. In summer it’s board shorts. In winter it’s a ‘steamer’ ( wetsuit ) On a brilliant day you’d be hard pressed to know which season we’re in.

I’ve painted in the big areas and when I go back to the studio today, will work more colour and interest. Must avoid getting too fiddly.

Enjoy your weekend. Just off to Manly to get the paper.


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