Manly Corso – completed

Manly Corso - completed
Manly Corso - completed 20 X 24" Acrylic on Canvas

I’ve been doing little bits at a time on ‘Manly Corso’ and I’ve decided it’s done. Can you see my seagulls? And that funny little dog is Amelie – sort of.  I’ve lifted the colour,  and added people birds and dogs. An enormous amount goes on here but I’ve put in enough not to be distracting.  I love public spaces like this where people promenade and meet. Everyone loves people watching.

From this week we now have 2 of us working in the Studio, and next week there will be 3. Not always on the same days, but it’s very nice having others to bounce thoughts off and share ideas. Makes the Studio an interesting place to work in, and there’s lot of good energy here for passersby.

I shall now run out and buy another canvas. I do like this size.



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