Little Treats on a Wet Day

Little treats
Little treats
Just a tiny piece thank you
Just a tiny piece thank you

I’m doing some cake sketches at the moment.

We were out walking the dog on a very sunny Saturday and I decided to drop into Adriano Zumbo’s Manly hideaway and choose a couple of exquisite little cakes so that I could take them home and sketch them.

Adriano has an enormous following here in Sydney. The cakes and macarons he makes are indeed a work of art. Not only that though, they taste wonderful. Sometimes something that looks so beautiful can be a let down when you try it. Not so here.

So we walked home with Milton managing extra bags and Amelie, so that I could hold my two hands round the small square white box with the discreet logo across the front. Oh yes. Such looks of envy along the way.

There wasn’t much time yesterday (Saturday) as we were having a social outing that evening, but I did place these two on a plate and did the first sketch. Plus a couple of details I wanted to add.

Back in the box they went and today took a tiny slice out of the one I couldn’t see the inside of. Another sketch. Back in the box.

Lunchtime on a very wet and cold day. We both decided one needed to be consumed. The chocolate one. They are very small so a few teaspoonfuls and nothing but chocolate smudges on the plate.

Dinner tonight. The second one with the piece missing was looking a bit lonely. Demolished. Nothing to show but a sketch. Thank goodness I can share that with you.



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