Life Drawing from 1987

Chalk Life Drawing from 1987
Chalk Life Drawing from 1987

This was a blast from the past. I had a Facebook entry from a family member saying they’d seen this for sale on ebay.

It was offered as a framed work by artist Erin Hill but not dated. I was pleased I was credited and intrigued.  I felt quite proud that someone felt it had value. I wonder what it sold for!

I remember doing many of these at life class at Julian Ashton Art School, between 1986 and 1990. I was not on the Art market at this time, but did sell and give away a few drawings and paintings to friends or family.

We have moved house 3 times since then, I hope the big box of early artwork is somewhere amongst our stored things. We’ve downsized, so were pretty radical with absolutely everything from furniture, books and things of sentimental value.

It brought back my days of catching the Mosman ferry to Art school. The old building, early paintings, the easels set up for life class, the skeleton hanging in the corner grinning, still life set-ups, lunch at the big old table, aaaaaaaah. Those were the days.


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