Les Madeleines d’ Adeline

Freshly made Madeleines Sketched
Freshly made Madeleines Sketched
One bite already
One bite already

Two sketches today. A few groans but I timed the first one, the French plant holder with geraniums – and everyone was done and dusted in 31 mins!

Perfect timing for Adeline to arrive and pop the Madeleines onto a small plate for the 2nd sketch. Again all done and coloured in the time left and all very yummy looking. So of course this stands you in good stead when you are travelling because you CAN sketch quickly.

Today Adeline would give us a selection of short phrases used as we do in English, such as ‘No problem’, ‘That can wait’, ‘This is perfect’ and so on. It’s good to have a few comments like these to respond with in the right situation. We just have to make sure it’s on the tip of our tongue

Next we talked about family, relationships to each one and how to address them.

Lastly was enthusiasm! ‘Brilliant’, ‘cool’, ‘Fantastic’ and many others to impress the locals with. We just have to remember them at the exact moment needed. Easy!


Next week we have our lesson at the Four Frogs Mosman. Les Quatre Grenouilles. Come along.

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