Learn to Self-Publish Your Own Book – “My Sketching Journey”

A 5 week course in the Studio, with follow-up home support on self-publishing your sketches –  for beginners.

We are using our sample 17cm square book by Toni, one of our sketchers and Blurb  book publisher,  as a guide for our own first book. Toni is one of the Tutors on this course.

Our little 17cm Square book
Our little 17cm Square book

Have you what seems like hundreds of sketches in your sketch books?

Would you like to create a beautiful personal collection of your favourite sketches?

This is a practical course for first timers, with technical and creative support to publish a bookstore-quality book using Blurb Books, in a fun supportive atmosphere. Beautifully designed, bookstore quality printed photobook where you can showcase your favourite sketches.

Toni using type over a photograph
Toni using type over a photograph

We’re keeping it simple for your first book, by using a small 17cm square format, with glossy cover and high quality matt finished pages inside. This book has 20 pages.

You’ll need at least 30 sketches, and even more if you want to arrange small ones together on some pages. You’ll see in our sample book many different ways to plan your pages. There are some on strong coloured backgrounds, some with simple borders, others filling the whole page.

This time round we want you to get the hang of the planning and decisions you’ll need to make, before progressing to other themes for the next books you’ll be bursting to do with your new knowledge.

So it’s definitely going to be one step at a time.

It’s a course for those students who have sketched previously and also have basic computer skills.

Part 1. Toni and Erin will discuss the steps we will take you through during the 5 weeks in the Studio, and the home support follow-up which will come after.

This will include choosing the sketches, deciding what goes with what, laying out the pages, adding words or titles, and any embellishments you think it needs.

Then we begin to get a little more techno and learn the best way to photograph your sketches, get them polished up, cropped etc ready for uploading. Don’t worry, Toni will be showing everyone how that bit’s done.

Part 2. Now we’re getting to the fun bit. Opening your own Blurb account,  and proceeding along each step of the way.

Now we’ve completed the 5 weeks, you’ll be using your computer at home and following the process you’ve seen already, with step by step notes you’ll be given.

You will have phone access to Toni, if you have questions, and you can arrange to visit her office for a personal session if you’d like to.

Final pages with a few words on clear colour background and full page sketch.
Final pages with a few words on clear colour background and full page sketch.

Pre-requisite: You must have basic computer skills, iphone or digital camera.

Group size:  – max 10 students
Course suitable for: First time self-publishers or those who have never used digital photobook program software.

Course tutors:

Erin Hill – Graphic designer, Fine Artist and Sketch Tutor.

Toni Konijn – Book Designer at CherishBooks.com.au. Toni is a sketcher and produces bookstore quality books for family homes, weddings, holidays, memory/family history and special occasion coffee table books. She is currently working on an Instagram book for a client leaving her family home.

What to bring:  Sketch books, iphone, digital camera,.

Tuesdays 9.30 – 11.30. 5 weekly classes in the Studio. Optional follow -up support.

Starts Tuesday Feb 25 – March 25 2014.

Cost:  $300.

With optional followup guidance with Toni $50 p.h. 

Book now or ask any questions: erin@erinhill.com.au


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