Le No Stress Cafe

Le No Stress Cafe
Le No Stress Cafe

One could get the impression that I only draw cafes. So far it’s true. Although later in the day I did quite a different one I’ll show you soon.I do find it easier to observe while seated in one of these cute places.

This  cafe with a very un-French name is near Pigalle, which is a fairly interesting area these days, if you get my drift. But as with all these places which have an artistic history, there are patches of very beautiful homes and therefore boutiques and restaurants to support them. Often right beside a business of a very different kind.

This is quite an out of the way place but is very popular with it’s candy coloured outdoor chairs and leafy outlook. We spent quite awhile there, drinking tea and coffee, moi drawing, Joanna reading. Never worries the French if you look like you’ve taken up residency. They leave you in peace.

There is always lot’s going on in these places and I like to catch the character of the clientel, though I haven’t shown the dogs on laps. But give me time and I will.


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  • Excuse me, you think I’ve been busy? Well done. Honestly, I love this. I know something is good when I say to myself “How DID she do that?” Repeated spots of differing sizes pulls it together. Again an excellent composition. You like portrait format don’t you. You’ll setting up your easel in Montmartre then? If you can find a spot?

    • Having a lot of fun Noel. The A5 sketchbook is getting a good workout. So pleased I have given up being so critical of my drawing and just letting it happen.
      Occasionally the compositions go pear shaped, but being me I will find a moment to go back and redo those. So great having time only for my art. Hopefully Milton is taking care of stuff at home, and the dog!! Love what yooooo are doing. You are so brave with the quick paintings I’m seeing. I think they are great. Thanks for your feedback. Best to you and Judy. Enjoy your weekend.

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